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Paul & Eric Chan

Eric & Paul Chan Running

Eric and Paul are brothers and former IT professionals who were just burned out by the tech startup lifestyle.  After a life changing backpacking trip, they made a drastic career change by going back to school to become Holistic Nutritionists and Lydiard Certified Run Coaches. Being life long athletes, they have finally found their true calling.

Along the way, they competed in over 50 running races ranging from 5k to Marathons and Ultramarathons all over the world and made history in 2017 by breaking the world record in the 8 Deserts Challenge, racing in 8 of the toughest self-supported ultra marathons on the planet in one year. With the aim to help runners achieve their full potential, Eric and Paul have successfully trained a diverse set of clientele, which include new runners, age groupers and Boston Qualifiers.



Multiple time sub 3h marathoner & World Marathon Majors, International Marathon Running Experience

Trail Running

Ultra Marathon Racing & Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT)

Ultras in four continents

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Off-the shelf static training plans won’t cut it if you want the best results. At Perfect Stride, we take your current fitness level, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and personality into account when we create your plan. Are you a Mileage Junkie? A Speedster? Or maybe a Hybrid? Everything is personalized to maximize your potential.

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Experience makes a huge difference when it comes to run training.

After racing in countless races all over the world, we have good insights into what works and what doesn’t. Something that sounds good in theory doesn’t always translate in practice.

Save yourself from unnecessary trials and errors when we can take the guesswork out of your training.

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