8 Deserts Challenge

From April 2016 to Feb 2017, Eric and Paul made history by setting a new Guinness Book of World Record for Most Desert Races Ran In One Year that spans 6 continents, racing in some of the toughest and most grueling ultra marathons on the planet.

The 8 Deserts Challenge – 8 Self-Supported Ultra marathons, 8 Deserts, 2000km

ERIC & PAUL Still 3

They completed these races all in one year.

Deserts are the most inhospitable places on earth.  Temperatures can reach up to 50C+, and drop below freezing all in the same one day.  Many of these races will take place back to back within the span of one week in different parts of the world.  Factoring in jet lag and short recovery time, this project truly represents the ultimate test of human endurance.