Eric finding his own                 Perfect Stride

Eric and Paul are former IT professionals who were just burned out by the tech startup lifestyle.  They worked day and night, with virtually no exercise, no sleep, and ate very poorly. So during the Christmas of 2013, they decided that they had enough. They grabbed their bags, left everything behind and went backpacking for 5 months through Central & South America.

        Paul @MDS2016

Everything changed in that trip. They discovered that there’s so much more  to life than sitting around in front of a computer 16 hours a day. When they got back home, they made a drastic change to pursue a career in health and nutrition by going back to school to become Holistic Nutritionists.

This year, they will make an attempt on the world record in the 8 Deserts Challenge, racing in 8 of the toughest self-supported ultra marathons in the world.

PerfectStride came about because Paul and Eric want to spread the message that although each and every person’s ability may differ, the goal is always to be the best version of ourselves.  You put your best foot forward in everything you do.  Through careful coaching, specialized physical and mental training, and a proper diet and nutrition, anyone can accomplish goals that they never thought possible, whether it’s running a local 5k, a big city marathon, or even as extreme as running across the Sahara Desert!

             Put your Best Foot Forward