Running for Rainforest Trust

Thank you to all those who have donated to our cause!!  You have no idea the huge impact you have already made through your simple act of generosity.  The next generation will forever be grateful for the action you take today to help preserve the planet.  Please keep them coming because we are still far short from reaching our goal:  raising $10,000 for Rainforest Trust.

To those who are considering donating, both Eric and I would like to share a personal story of why this fundraising project is so close to our hearts and why you should donate to Rainforest Trust.  For many years, I have tried to do my part for the environment.  I have donated money to charitable causes including the WWF, recycled religiously, and even stopped driving for the most part.  But, I really have no idea how my actions would make a difference in the overall scheme of things.  Nothing seems to change and the world would go from one environmental disaster to another.  Maybe all this was just a waste of time and effort.

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Race #3: The Gobi Inferno

Before The Race – The Road to Gobi

One of the things I come to expect 4Deserts™ Gobi Marchcompeting in running races is to expect the unexpected. However, unlike other races I have done thus far, 4Deserts™ Gobi March was everything I expected, read about, and more.  Unfortunately, no amount of training and simulation can fully prepare you to run in such weather extremes as the Gobi Desert until you experience it for yourself.  How can one train to run in 50+C (120F) heat (without using expensive equipment)?!?   Continue reading “Race #3: The Gobi Inferno”

The Road to Gobi

Having conquered the Sahara and Namib Desert in the span of 4 weeks, Paul and I travelled to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Australia to seek refuge, recuperate from our ordeal, lick our wounds and upgrade our gear to better prepare for our next race in the infamous Gobi Desert.

The Gobi Desert presents itself some interesting challenges. Based on previous year’s race reports from fellow competitors, I expect drastic climate changes (0-40C) ranging from snow, hail, and sandstorms!

The Gobi Desert, which covers large parts of northwestern China, is known as the Windiest Desert in the world.  Historically, it is most notable for being the location of many important cities along the famous Silk Road.

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Race #2 – Battle in Namibia

Before The Race – Getting Ready All Over Again

The 4 Deserts Sahara Race (Namibia) will be the first major trial of our 8 Deserts Challenge – World Record Attempt.  Why?  The quick 2 weeks turnaround.  Both Eric and I have no idea how our body would react.  We have never ran two long distance races so close together before (never mind two self-supported ultramarathons), so our recovery ability will be put to the test.  I mean, I have only been running for less than 2 years!

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What It Takes To Break A World Record

As glamorous as this adventure/World Record chase sounds to all of you, dealing with the logistics of international travel and competing in a sport as demanding as self-supported desert racing is an absolute nightmare. Imagine training/planning for your race to participate in your next major city marathon or your next Ironman. Now add the complexities of finding food that you can keep down (customized for my palate) in 40C heat for a week and replace/repair racing gear(s) that was damaged or lost during the last race in a foreign country in which you may or may not (most likely the latter) speak their language.

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Race #1 – The Fabled Marathon Des Sables

Before The Race – The Calm Before The Storm (Literally)

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We arrived at Ouarzazate a few days before the start of the race so we won’t be too stressed from international travel.  Having never done an ultramarathon before, never mind a multi-stage one, we had to be cautious.  We stayed at the Hotel Ouarzazate Le Riad, where we met fellow MDS competitors from all over the world and Canada as well as it turns out.  Ouarzazate is the closest city to the Sahara Desert, just 6hrs drive away from the western frontier of the Sahara.  It is a beautiful city, but we weren’t in a tourist mindset for obvious reasons.  After spending a few days acclimatizing, we finally departed for our bivouac in the morning of April 8th.  When we arrived, we were greeted by the view of the giant sand dune that we have to conquer for the first stage of the race in 2 days time. It was very intimidating for anyone who hasn’t seen anything like it! Patrick Bauer (MDS founder and race director) is playing games with our heads. As the race unfolds, we found out that this was just the beginning of his mind games.

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