Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

  • Battery life: up to 1yr  (~1hr/day)
  • IPX7, ANT+ connectivity
  • Automatically turns on/off
  • Computes and sends 6 running dynamics metrics to your compatible device
    • Cadence (steps per minute, spm)
    • Ground Contact Time (GCT) – Time spent on the ground between steps. It is measured in ms/step.
    • GCT Ratio (GCT Ratio) – Displays the left/right balance of your GCT while running
    • Stride length (in meters/step).
    • Vertical Oscillation (in cm/step).
    • Vertical Ratio (in relation  to stride length). It displays a percentage.
    • Running Power (in Watts)
  • Limitations : (only works with supported Garmin Watches)
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