Recovery Indicators

Injury Prevention & Recovery Indicators

Prevention of illness and injuries are big part of recovery. You shouldn’t have to spend valuable time and resources recovering from them. Illness is part of life, taking a preventative approach is always the best policy.

Between the latter part of a workout and 2 hours after it, your immune system is depressed. Chances of you getting ill is minimized if you adhere to a proper nutrition and recovery protocol listed below:

  • Dress properly for all workouts
  • Do not venture outside of workout parameters
  • Warm up properly before the main workout set
  • Take in Recovery fuel between 30-60 mins after workouts
  • Keep warm post workout
  • Maintain a consistent sleeping pattern
  • Hydrate well post workout with plenty of liquids

Predicting the onset of illness is critical in ensuring consistent training. Normal recovery indicators suggests that recovery from previous workouts had occurred and the risk of illness had been significantly reduced. Moreover, your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that are responsible for heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and sexual arousal will show signs of imbalance when you are overtrained. Use on the recovery indicators below to perform a self assessment every morning, and use the information to make a decision on how the day’s workout be conducted.

Key Recovery Indicators & Actions

Recovery Indicators Measurement Methodology Not fully recovered
Wakeup rHR HRM +10% of Normal rHR
Morning Body Weight (BW)

First thing Morning Wakeup

  • Urinate
  • Bowel movement
  • Weigh yourself (nude & empty stomach)
-3% Nomal BW
Time to bed See Sleep Trackers >40 mins of Normal
Perceived hrs Slept See Sleep Trackers -10% of Normal
# of Indicators Outside of Normal Range Action to Take
1 Watch for harder than normal workout efforts
2 Take an easy day
≥3 Take the day off

Other simple ways of self assessment:

  • Bad mood
  • Poor sleep, low energy
  • Sore muscles

are all indicators that the runner needs further recovery and workout intensity is contraindicated. Stressors such as your job, family, life, etc … are all contributing factors on how much training you can handle as well. Once the “spark” has returned you are ready for the next “stress.”

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