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Congratulations, you have taken the first and most important step of your running journey: Giving run training the priority it deserves! Whether you are a novice or an experienced athlete, everyone needs a helping hand to reach their goal. We certainly did to reach ours!

Now, before going further, let’s figure out which of the following applies to you:

Running Shoes

“I tried running on my own with or without a plan and it just didn’t work (either failed or hit a plateau)”


“I feel unmotivated to train because I don’t see results or they aren’t happening fast enough”

Running coach

“I want someone to guide me and hold me accountable while I train”

structured run training

“I need some structure to my training program”


“I am constantly getting injured in training and it is holding me back”

Well, the the answer could just be one … or some … or all of the above!

So how can we help you?

Meet Coach Eric & Paul Chan

Eric and Paul are brothers and former IT professionals who were just burned out by the tech startup lifestyle. They worked day and night, with virtually no exercise, no sleep, and ate very poorly. So during the Christmas of 2013, they decided that they had enough. They grabbed their bags, left everything behind and went backpacking for 5 months through Central & South America.

Everything changed in that trip. They discovered that there’s so much more to life than sitting around in front of a computer 16 hours a day. When they got back home, they made a drastic change to pursue a career in health and nutrition by going back to school to become Holistic Nutritionists and Lydiard Certified Run Coaches. Being life long athletes, both Eric and Paul have finally found their true calling.

Ice Ultra, the last race of 8 Deserts Challenge.

Along the way, they competed in over 50 running races ranging from 5k to Marathons and Ultramarathons all over the world and made history in 2017 by breaking the world record in the 8 Deserts Challenge, racing in 8 of the toughest self-supported ultra marathons on the planet in one year. With the aim to help runners achieve their full potential, Eric and Paul have successfully trained a diverse set of clientele, which include new runners, age groupers and Boston Qualifiers.




Multiple time sub 3h marathoner & World Marathon Majors, International Marathon Running Experience

Trail Running

Ultra Marathon Racing & Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT)

Ultras in four continents

8 Deserts Challenge

8 Desert Challenge

World record in the 8 Deserts Challenge

Why Choose PerfectStride?

Everyone can run (group of people)

No One Size Fits All Approach

Off-the shelf static training plans won’t cut it if you want the best results. At Perfect Stride, we take your current fitness level, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and personality into account when we create your plan. Are you a Mileage Junkie? A Speedster? Or maybe a Hybrid? Everything is personalized to maximize your potential.

Running to the finish line

Real life Practical Knowledge
& Training Tips

Experience makes a huge difference when it comes to run training.

After racing in countless races all over the world, we have good insights into what works and what doesn’t. Something that sounds good in theory doesn’t always translate in practice.

Long Run

For example, did you know that doing Long Runs of 2 ½ hrs or 150 mins in duration is the most a runner needs to get the most benefits in marathon training? The majority of physiological stimulus happens between 90 mins and 2 ½ hrs. Longer runs actually increase the chance of injury and greatly prolong recovery time!

Strength workout

How about strength training or plyometric workouts? All athletes should incorporate strength exercises as part of their training regiment, but many people advocate the wrong type of exercises which don’t benefit runners. The main focus for athletes is to find strength exercises that duplicate the technique, range of motion (ROM), and neuromuscular patterns that will have a direct effect on how you perform in the sport and mitigate injuries.

Save yourself from unnecessary trials and errors when we can take the guesswork out of your training.

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