Clement Lam

Eric is an excellent running coach. He is very detail oriented. Using variance different training strategies to tailor to my needs. I have improved my running form so much while under his watch. I love the facts that he is always available to answer my questions. Having a coach that lives in Canada while I am in Chicago could be a huge issue. But such issue becomes non-issue under the coaching of Eric who is a great communicator. I would definitely recommend Eric to anyone who is interested in running. He would take care of you in all aspects of running including proper nutrition, running gears, custom training plan, mental prep for a race, life balance, perfect running form. After every running race, he would spent hours to go over your race to see what went well and what didn’t go so well. He would never leave any stone unturned making sure that we learn from the past mistakes and incorporate new found knowledge to the next training section. Under his coaching, you should expect an huge improvement in your running journey.

Thanks Eric to the many happy running log!


A cheat sheet on how to turbo boost your marathon running