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  • Half-Marathon
    12, 18 & 24 Weeks

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    How it Works

    Simple to follow


    Select and Signup for the right training program based on your goal(s) and your running experience


    Answer an Online Questionnaire to formulate a tailored training plan (e.g. race plan, objective, experience level, availability, etc)


    As your program gets underway, you will Receive Daily Instructions for each training run


    All plans Include Bonus Tips consisting of core and strength exercises, running techniques, and injury prevention and recovery recommendations

    What does your training plan look like?

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    Happy Runners


    Yes, you can start anytime within 1 month of purchasing our training plan

    Absolutely! It is the perfect gift and you must be a great friend 🙂

    Yes, every training plan you enrol in is tailored specifically for your current fitness and experience level. As you progress in our training program, subsequent plans will adjust according to your improvements. There is no limit as to how far you can go with PerfectStride!

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