Marathon Training Plans

Our Marathon Training Plans are customized based on your goals, commitment, and experience levels. We’ll provide you with the plan that’s right for you, might be your first marathon or you’re aiming to qualify for Boston, Chicago, or beat your personal best!

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How it Works

Simple to Follow


Select and Signup for the right training program based on your goal(s) and your running experience


Answer an Online Questionnaire to formulate a tailored training plan (e.g. race plan, objective, experience level, availability, etc)


As your program gets underway, you will Receive Daily Instructions for each training run


All plans Include Bonus Tips consisting of core and strength exercises, running techniques, and injury prevention and recovery recommendations

Pick a Marathon Training Plan

  • Marathon 12 Weeks

    You are a seasoned veteran marathoner or you came off of a marathon training block. You can run at least 3 times a week.

  • Marathon 18 Weeks

    You have run a half or full marathon before and can commit to running at least 3 times a week.

  • Sale!

    Marathon 24 Weeks

    You are new to running or someone who is in shape and committed to run your personal best.

    $119.99 $109.99

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What does your Marathon training plan look like?


Your workouts are shown in a simple to use calendar view for the current week and upcoming weeks. This gives you a preview of your training at all times, something every runner can look forward to!

Marathon Training Plan Calendar

Current Workout

Prior to each training day, you will see the type of run you will do (E.g. Jog, Recover Run, Intervals, etc) and the details of your workout. All information will be delivered on schedule via email.

Description, goal, purpose & tip

Understanding the goal and purpose of your training is the key to success. What is a Fartlek Run? Why should I do it? How should I execute it? Every session is explained simply and thoroughly. After all, run training shouldn’t be complicated!

And the best part? We will include loads of practical advice based on our years of marathon and trail running for you to get the most of your workout!

Marathon training plan daily email

Weekly Summary

At the beginning of every week, you will receive a training summary which gives you an overview of workouts for the rest of the week. This allows you to mentally prepare and plan your runs accordingly.

Marathon training plan weekly email
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