Ankle Jumps


(Theory of plyometrics)
  • 1 set of 5-10 reps
  • Feet at shoulder width apart
  • Minimize knee bent, not eliminate (the point is to strengthen the ankles!)
  • Point your toes on each takeoff
  • Do a few warmup jumps to get your ankles warmed up for this plyometric exercises
  • You can see whether you have length strength discrepancy by seeing which side you end up drifting towards at the end of the jumps 😉


Pushoff phase during a gait cycle requires strong ankle joint extension, this exercise targets it


Beginner: Do not attempt to jump as high as possible. Simply work on timing and quick jumps. Focus on the technique

Intermediate: Reduce time on the ground between jumps

Advanced: Do jumps as fast and explosive (high) as possible