Bounding (Develop Power)


Standard Bounding Training:

  1. Warm Up well for 10 mins. This prepares your muscles for the intense exercise to come (easy jog).
  2. Find a flat/straight 100m road surface conducive to bounding exercise. A track or nicely paved road is sufficient.

Power Development via Bounding:

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart.
  2. Initiate first bound by driving the knee of the lead leg forward and remain a flat trajectory. The opposite arm sweeps forward to match the range of the lead leg.
  3. Quickly draw the lead leg toward the ground by dorsiflexing the foot  to aim to land a few inches in front of the centre of your body mass.
  4. Aim for a midfoot ground contact and a tall posture on landing with only a slight knee flexion.
  5. Quickly drive the opposite knee forward to initiate the second bound
  6. Continue with this cyclical bounding movement for 40 to 50 metres in distance.
  7. Easy 2-3mins jog to recover after each repeat.


Muscles Involved in BoundingMuscles involved

Primary: Gluteus maximus, gastrocnemius, hamstrings

Secondary: Quadriceps, soleus, tibialis anterior.


Beginner: Your shoulders be remain relaxed. Drive your arms, not your shoulders!

Intermediate: Spring off the ground, don't slap! When done properly, you should feel like you are gliding down the road/track.

Advanced: To get maximum velocity, it is prudent that your muscles stiffens at the point of ground contact. Just like a race car, the stiffer the spring, the less energy is transferred to the ground.

  • The trajectory of the bounds will be relatively flat with a greater emphasis on horizontal acceleration and velocity.
  • The stride of bounding is exaggerated compared with a regular running stride, with a greater knee drive on each step and greater extension at the hip.
  • Arm action in a bounding matches the range and speed of the legs.

Newbies (+distance to 40-50 meters):

  • Perform 2-3 Repetition with 3-4mins rest between reps

Experienced (+distance to 50-70 meters):

  • Perform 4-6 Repetition with 2-3mins rest between reps

Veterans (+distance to 70-100 meters):

  • Perform 8-12 Repetition with 1-2mins rest between reps