Bulgarian Split Squat


(with body weight) (with dumbbells)

  • One leg in front of you so when you can form a 90 deg angle when lower your knees, one leg
  • raised to knee height behind you with good hip extension
  • Slowly power your leg down to form a 90 deg and PAUSE
  • Keep you knees pointing outward, do not collapse your knees
  • Avoid putting pressure on the knees, it will lead to injury over time.
  • Explode upward in one smooth motion back to starting position


  • Effectively work these actions of the hip better than a traditional Squat,
  • Increases stride length
  • Strengthen your gluteus medius which prevents your knees fro collapsing during your gait cycle


Beginner: Body weight to comfortably do 15 reps

Intermediate: Use dumbbells for additional weight, reaching 10 reps

Advanced: Use bar rack for even heavier weight, reaching 8 reps at max effort

Increase resistance as you get more comfortable and used to the movement pattern. Do not add too much weight as losing balance with a heavy weight is injury-prone.