Delay Squats


  • 2 set of 4-5 reps
  • Use ~60% of your regular squat weight
  • If not sure, start off with something light and very manageable
  • Make sure you back is straight and not bent
  • Feet underneath the hips
  • Hold position for 1-2 sec then lower from current position every 3-4 sec (about 4-5 reps) until your thighs are close to forming a 45deg angle
  • Explode back to standing position


  • Improve eccentric & isometric contraction during gait cycle
  • Stop your body from sinking to the ground every step during your gait cycle (Especially during the late stages of a marathon/endurance race!)
  • Eccentric contraction – Slows you down and stops you from sinking
  • Isometric contraction – Muscles to keep your stable and hold you upright