Frog Stretch


  1. Bend down on the ground and spread your knees apart
  2. Your feet should follow your knees expanding
  3. Place your hands on the ground in front of you and begin to lean forward in between your hands.
  4. Your head should be in a comfortable position, either on the ground (if you can stretch that deep) or lay a pillow on the ground in between your hands
  5. Hold this position of 30secs-1mins, relaxing your muscles so your can sink deep into the stretch
  6. Repeat this 1-3x


  • A great stretch of your back
  • Open hip joints, which reduces strain on the knees
  • This pose stretches on your adductors and glute medius muscles that help build the tendons around the knee


  • Don’t forget to breathe deep and not push your muscles past pain.
  • You should feel a smidge of discomfort if your muscles are tight, but never hold a position too long or suffer through deep pain.
  • Overstretching can also cause damage so it’s best to find that happy medium spot and hold it till you feel you got in a good stretch.