Half Squat


  • Do it in front of a mirror to monitor body movement
  • A half-squat is a variation where you descend to the level that your thighs are parallel with the floor or higher
  • Set the safety bar at the same level as the bottom of your rib cage
  • Use a squat pad to cushion your shoulders (if you don’t have the trapezius)
  • Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • Weight distribution should be towards the back of middle of your foot
  • Prep lower back for the weight by tilting your buttocks out (pelvic tilt)
  • Keep your knees pointing outward
  • Lower your weight slowly with your head looking straight ahead, and explode upwards in one smooth motion, squeezing your glutes at the top


  • Improve stride length and cadence
  • Help generate more power on push-off
  • Get a more balance muscle activation (front & back of thighs) over full-squat


Advanced: Do this exercise seated on a bench inside the squat rack. Explode upwards and slowly lower the weight back to seated position

Stay in the squat position for up to 3secs for each repetition as it gets easier.