Hexbar Deadlift


  • Legs shoulder width apart
  • Drop down on a 3 count
  • Drive through your heels, squeezing your glutes at the top
  • Explode on the upward motion (pop your hip hard) in one smooth motion
  • Do not bend your back, keep it straight
  • Maintain a tight back


  • Work your glutes and hip extension
  • Power generation from your hips
  • Improve power generation during uphill running
  • Strengthens the posterior chain, which in turn improves your running form


Beginner: Use light weights to comfortably do 15 reps

Intermediate: Use dumbbells for additional weight, reaching 10 reps

Advanced: Use bar rack for even heavier weight, reaching 8reps at max effort

Use straps to help you hold weight as developing incredible grip strength isn’t the main purpose of this exercise for runners.
Really focus on the hip explosion and squeezing your glutes. Avoid using momentum with heavy weights.