Internal Hip Rotation Stretch


  • Initial Stretch (Warm Up)
    1. With both legs on the ground, lift your left leg towards you.
    2. Move the bent leg further to the side keeping your foot on the ground.
    3. Drop your left knee to the ground, allow your thigh to be parallel to the other leg when dropped.
    4. Lie back flat on the ground while maintaining your foot position
    5. Keep your back to the ground (don’t arch!)
    6. Drive your left inner thighs close to the ground without lifting your glutes off the ground.
    7. Lift your other foot off the ground and place your right foot on the outside of your left knee.
    8. You should not feel any strain on your left knee
    9. Let gravity take over and hold the position for ~2mins.
  • Active Stretch
    1. Use your left leg and apply your greatest resistance to your right foot for 10-15s.
    2. Let go of the tension on your left leg on an 8-count. Your left leg will drop further to the ground.
    3. Apply some pressure with your right foot and drive your left knee closer to the ground without lifting your glutes and keeping back off the ground.
      • If you can squeeze your palm between your spine and the ground, you aren’t keeping your back on the ground!
    4. Hold for 10-15s, and slowly release that tension over another 8-count.
  • Repeat the Active Stretch portion 2-3 times.
  • Switch Leg and repeat this exercise once more.


  • If you think about all of the hip stretches, people usually focus on external hip rotation, but that only solves half of the hip-opening equation because you should be incorporating internal rotation of hips, too.
  • By stretching out your hips in both directions, you’ll be moving your pelvis through its full range of motion which improves overall hip mobility
  • Prevents lower back injuries
  • Activate your glutes during your gait cycle


Advanced: Raise your bent foot further up closer to your glutes making it harder for your bent knee to reach the ground.