Kettlebell Swing


  • Feet slighter wider than shoulder width apart, back away from kettlebell
  • As you bend your back to pick up the kettlebell, push the hips back keeping your back straight
  • Push hips back, relax your shoulders, activate your lats, pick up the kettlebell
  • Bring the kettlebell up between your legs, pop your hips (hike) straight up, squeezing your glutes at the top (stopping the motion at eye height)


  • Work your hamstrings and glutes
  • Power generation from your hips
  • Improve power generation during uphill running
  • Strengthens the posterior chain, which in turn improves your running form


  • Do not use too much resistance at first (always start with easy resistance), go easy and gradually increase resistance.
  • Really focus on the hip explosion and squeezing your glutes. Avoid using momentum and heavier weights.