Forward Knee Drive


  • Do it in front of a mirror to monitor body movement
  • DRIVE ARM (of the pulling leg, elbow @90deg) back when pulling, return back to rest (maintain @90deg elbow) on leg extension
  • PAUSE (1sec) at pull AND smoothly return back to leg extension
  • Maintain upright posture with slight forward lean throughout
  • Hold on to someone’s shoulder or a chair/pole (lightly) on supported leg for stability
  • Maintain proper body & leg alignment THROUGHOUT


  • Practice proper running technique w/body alignment in controlled manner
  • Works your Hip Flexors when behind and underneath the body


Beginner: Do the Exercise at SLOW but SMOOTH speed to get familiar with running movement pattern.

Intermediate: Do the Exercise at MODERATE speed.

Advanced: Practice explosive knee drive.

Increase resistance and/or move further from support beam as you get more comfortable and used to the movement pattern.