Skips for Height


  • A series of skips and hops that you can do anywhere anytime
  • Exaggerate running motion to improve biomechanics and running coordination
  • Practice proper running technique in a controlled setting.
  • Drive your arms back while simultaneously driving your hips forward to get maximum whole-body engagement during your gait cycle
  • Practice engaging your calf/ankles in the push phase of your gait cycle (improve stride length)


  • Strengthen your feet
  • Take the stress off your knees and hips
  • Teach your body how to balance (coordination) and maintain good posture through the running gait cycle
  • React fast to the foot on ground contact (improve your running cadence)


Beginner: 2 sets for 20-30meters without losing form.

Intermediate: 1 set for 20-30meters

Advanced: 1 sets for 20-30meters

  • This exercise is not meant to fatigue you.
  • Maintain your explosiveness and make sure you “pop” off the ground.